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We are not a Kubernetes distribution!

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Kubernetes Best Practices Made Easy

Zora scans all of your Kubernetes clusters periodically, searching for potential issues or vulnerabilities in deployed resources and configurations.

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CLI tool for scanning Kubernetes cluster

Open source tool designed to assist Kubernetes cluster administrators in guaranteeing security and reliability of their environments, through customizable checks.

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CEL Playground

A place to play with CEL expressions

A zero-install development environment where developers can do experiments with CEL directly from their browsers.

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About Us

What is Undistro?

First, we are not a Kubernetes distribution!

Undistro, the open source product development initiative and brand behind Getup. Our goal is to provide a range of open source solutions to the community that will facilitate Kubernetes daily operations.

Undistro means unopinionated and compatible. By design, every product we create must be compatible with any Kubernetes distribution, as long as it is conformant with CNCF Certified Kubernetes Conformance Program, that's our commitment to the community.

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