Privacy Policy

What data do me collect from our users?

In order to provide the best service and maintain a good relationship, we must collect some personal information from you. We may collect data you provide directly to us, from third parties, or data which is collected automatically, depending on which service is provided. Below are some of the ways that we collect personal data:

ActivityPersonal information
Application processName; address; telephone; nationality; gender; email; ID; CPF / SSN; birthdate;
Customer Service - Contact usName; email; telephone;
Work with usName; ID; CPF; CTPS; Voter registration; Telephone; Email; address, certifications, and Board records; birthdate; Name/date of birth/profession; Father, Mother, Spouse;
Employee registrationName; ID; CPF; CTPS; Voter registration; ethnicity; Telephone; Email; address, certifications, and Board records; birthdate; Name/date of birth/profession; Father, Mother, Spouse;

Personal data provided directly by you: Personal data entered or forwarded by you while accessing one of our channels (websites or apps).

Personal data provided by third parties: It is possible that we may collect: information from public databases, made available by authorities (such as the Federal Internal Revenue Service), by third parties, or even data that you have made public on websites or social networks, at all times respecting your privacy and in accordance with your expectations.

Personal data automatically collected: Information may also be collected automatically, such as characteristics of the device you have used to access, data from browsers, IP (including date and time), the origin of IP, information regarding clicks, pages accessed, terms used to search which are typed into our portals, among others. For such collection, we may use standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons, and local shared objects, in order to improve your browsing experience while utilizing our services, by your habits and preferences.

Personal data collected indirectly: Our partner and we may indirectly perform image and video capture through recordings and dissemination of images related to the course. In the case that we need to collect additional personal data, we take care to obtain your consent to do such or advise you of this action. Any authorization we obtain from you will be accompanied by a commensurate degree of information so that you understand clearly what we will do with this data. You will be informed of any use of personal data collected, and it will only be used for the purposes we inform you of.

Sensitive Data: We do not generally collect any sensitive personal data; information such as your religious or philosophical beliefs, racial or ethnic origin, health or medical information (except in response to an accommodation request for an event), genetic or biometric data, bank account information (except for the purpose of processing your order), or other similar confidential personal data as defined by the applicable laws. If we need to collect any sensitive personal data from you, we will obtain your consent to the collection of such personal data as required by applicable laws.

Legal basis: With regard to the processing of personal data carried out by us, this will be based, as is applicable to each case, on the following legal hypotheses: for the execution of a contract or preliminary measures; in order to comply with legal or regulatory obligations; in the exercise and defense of the companie (Getup) rights and interests; or based on a legitimate interest of, always considering and respecting the fundamental rights and guarantees, guaranteed to the owner of the data.

Data controller: Getup, in providing Services and making its Site available, will act as processor in relation to Personal Data, regardless of whether the data is common or sensitive.

The User expressly consents to the collection, use, storage, and processing of Personal Data and provision to third parties, when such sharing is necessary for the development of Services, under the terms of this Clause and other applicable privacy policies, as in reference to article 7 of Law No. 12,965, of April 23, 2014 (Marco Civil da Internet), and without prejudice to consent and other legal bases for data processing provided for in Brazilian General Data Protection Law -LGPD.