Reinforce Your Kubernetes Clusters with Confidence.

Strengthen Kubernetes compliance and reliability.

Powered by Zora’s OSS advanced scanning capabilities.

Why use Zora Dashboard?

Some reasons to use our SaaS

Centrally view all your clusters to verify and compare information between them and their possible problems reported by Zora OSS.

Proactively scanning deployed resources and configurations to identify potential issues or vulnerabilities.

Intuitive navigation and filtering system to explore details and issues specific to each cluster, faster and with the full Zora experience.

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Multi-Cluster Management with a Centralized Dashboard

Zora provides an intuitive and unified interface that allows you to easily navigate between any provider’s clusters, while also giving access to detailed information. With Zora's centralized dashboard, you can efficiently track and manage security and compliance of your clusters.

Advanced scanning and detection of resources affected

The plugins connected to Zora analyze the cluster resources to detect issues and vulnerabilities, while providing users with the flexibility to filter and sort results based on resources, categories, and severities. Additionally, we provide reliable documentation that helps you understand the root of the problem.

Collaborative workspace: empowering teams to solve issues together

Bring teams together in workspaces and let them collaborate in the process of fixing cluster problems. In the same way, you can also be invited to participate and view workspaces created by others. It's worth noting that only the first person who installs the tool within the clusters need go through this installation process. Others who are invited don't have to repeat that; they can simply visualize the cluster information on the dashboard.

Multi-Plugin Architecture that is continuously updated with the latest reported vulnerabilities

Zora is a versatile solution with multi-plugin architecture. It includes powerful plugins such as Popeye and Marvin and Trivy that report the latest vulnerabilities announced by key frameworks such as Kubernetes Pod Security Standards, MITRE's ATT&CK, and NSA & CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance.

Custom checks

Using a comprehensive set of CEL expressions, via Marvin, Zora allows you to create customized checks tailored to your specific Kubernetes environment.

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Complete Zora Experience

Join us and experience our Saas. Zora is building the best tool to ensure your Kubernetes clusters follow best practices, and we'd love to have you on this journey!


Frequently asked questions

We’ve listed some common questions about Zora. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via message or slack