Reinforce Your Kubernetes Clusters with Confidence.

Strengthen Kubernetes compliance and reliability.

Powered by Zora’s OSS advanced scanning capabilities.

Unlock the full potential of our SaaS with compelling reasons to choose Zora

  • Centralized Cluster Management

    Seamlessly view and compare information across all your clusters with Zora Dashboard. Effortlessly navigate through your clusters, gaining insights into potential problems reported by Zora OSS.

  • Proactive Scanning

    Stay one step ahead! Zora Dashboard proactively scans your deployed resources and configurations, identifying potential issues and vulnerabilities before they become a threat.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    Experience the full spectrum of Zora with an intuitive navigation and filtering system. Dive into the details and specific issues of each cluster swiftly, enhancing your efficiency and providing a seamless Zora experience.

Explore Key Features

Multi-Cluster Management with a Centralized Dashboard

Experience a new level of confidence in managing your clusters. Zora Dashboard goes beyond conventional interfaces by actively highlighting the most critical issues impacting your setup. This feature not only helps you identify potential threats but also guides you towards implementing best practices for robust security. The Zora Dashboard is designed to efficiently track and manage the security and compliance of your clusters. Stay in control, make informed decisions, and elevate your security posture with Zora Dashboard.

Advanced scanning and detection of resources affected

Zora Dashboard connected plugins redefine cluster security by conducting in-depth analyses of your resources, identifying and addressing potential issues and vulnerabilities.Tailor your monitoring with user-friendly filters for resources, categories, and severities, ensuring a customized approach to threat response. To facilitate swift resolution, we offer comprehensive documentation that illuminates the root causes of identified problems. Empower your team with Zora's intuitive solutions, providing not just alerts, but actionable insights for a fortified and resilient cluster environment.

Collaborative workspace: empowering teams to solve issues together

Zora is a dynamic solution with a robust multi-plugin architecture, featuring cutting-edge plugins like Popeye, Marvin, and Trivy. Carefully crafted, these powerful plugins generate real-time reports highlighting the latest vulnerabilities identified based on key frameworks such as MITRE's ATT&CK and the Kubernetes Hardening Guidance from NSA and CISA. This comprehensive approach ensures that Zora not only provides security but also offers proactive insights aligned with industry standards, solidifying its position as an essential tool for staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

New update

Multi-Plugin Architecture that is continuously updated with the latest reported vulnerabilities

Zora is a versatile solution with multi-plugin architecture. It includes powerful plugins such as Popeye and Marvin and Trivy that report the latest vulnerabilities announced by key frameworks such as Kubernetes Pod Security Standards, MITRE's ATT&CK, and NSA & CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance.

Custom checks

Using a comprehensive set of CEL expressions, via Marvin, Zora allows you to create customized checks tailored to your specific Kubernetes environment.

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Join us and experience our Saas. Zora is building the best tool to ensure your Kubernetes clusters follow best practices, and we'd love to have you on this journey!

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